What We Do

Fueled by Ramen 15 is dedicated to investing in promising local businesses. In the past __ years, our small company has provided funding for various business ventures, with investments totaling to $_____. We choose small and medium-sized businesses, those companies that often find it difficult to get support in a highly technological and competitive world.

We look for local businesses in a variety of fields or interests.



Whether you plan to build a small school or a major high school, Fueled by Ramen 15 will give you what you need. We will work with you in making sure that your plan – from the first step to the last – will work out well.

Health & Nutrition


Fueled by Ramen 15 understands the value of a healthy lifestyle. As such, it supports local businesses catering to individuals and groups in need of health and nutrition-related services. Local clinics, treatment centers, therapy stations, medical institutions, and even pharmaceutical businesses make up most of our partners in this field.

Fashion and Retail


If you want a business that will easily attract people, go for anything related to fashion. This is why Fueled by Ramen 15 completely supports the fashion industry. Whether you are a fashion designer opening a shop or a boutique owner looking for additional funding, we will provide whatever it is you need.

Banking and Finance


Some of our most trusted partners are banks and financial institutions. We believe that businesses that help people take care of their money are essential, especially in a place like New York, so we have made it one of our goals to help these companies in whatever funding capacity we can.

Here at Fueled by Ramen 15, our mission is to help open up economic opportunities for businesses that we believe in.