In a fast paced world, local businesses are often left behind because most investors would rather see their money placed in companies that offer them 100% chances of growth. What these investors do not know is that local businesses are some of the most promising, innovative, and success-driven entities in our modern world. This is what we know and believe in, which is why we came up with Fueled by Ramen 15.

Our group is dedicated to providing local businesses various opportunities for growth and success. Fueled by Ramen 15’s mission is to offer funding for businesses that possess the qualities essential for entrepreneurial progress. We believe that by fueling their dreams, these companies will go far in the business ladder. Likewise, we believe that by opening opportunities for these businesses, they will inspire others to aim high and achieve big goals.

New York has a vibrant and competitive business community. And this is something that we at Fueled by Ramen 15 understand. We know this because we are in New York. We move around New York. We know how to get businesses into action here in New York. We know how to help your business make a difference here in New York.